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No.818, Beijing South road, umquqi, Xinjiang,

Feng Gu,male, Han nationality, Ph D and now is professor of China Agricultural University, doctoral tutor, council member of Chinese Nuclear Society, council member of Chinese Society of Atomic Energy Agricultural Sciences, member of Saliferous Clay Speciality Committee of Soil Science Society of China, member of Arid Zone Resources Speciality Committee under China Society of Natural Resources, visiting research fellow and doctoral tutor of our Institute. In 1998 he obtained a Doctor's degree from Northwest A & F University. From March of 2000 to November of 2000 he conducted post-doctoral research at the soil and plant nutrition department of University of Western Australia and served as a visiting scholar in the agriculture and food school of Queen's University in England Institute of Horticultural Crop and Plant Protection under Federal Agricultural Research Center (FAL) in Germany. Orientation: rhizospheric microecology, plant physiology and ecology and environmental biology. Major research fields for the recent years: physiology and ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizae, mycorrhizal fungi resources and biodiversity, biology of mycorrhizal fungi, interaction between plant-mycorrhizal fungi and control, biodiversity of halophyte and its utilization, adaptation mechanism of halophyte and utilization of halophyte resources. Projects under research at present cover Mechanism of the Interaction between arbuscular mycorrhizae and fungi of ephemeral plant on the southern fringe of Junggar Basin and its ecological significance under the national natural science foundation, key sci-tech research project of the Ministry of Education--Application and Foundation Study on Efficient Utilization of Water and Fertilizer by Plants at the cross belt between oasis - desert in Northwest China, 948 major international cooperation project of the Ministry of Agriculture--Comprehensive Management of Cotton Nutrient Resources in Xinjiang and the project funded by the foundation of Director of Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography under the CAS--Rhizosphere Bio-process of Desert Plant on the southern fringe of Junggar Basin. Three applications have been filed for the grant of a patent and one project was awarded secondary prize for natural science by the State,one third prize for scientific progress by the State,one secondary prize for scientific progress by the Ministry or Province and one third prize for scientific progress by the Ministry or Province. In 2001 he was awarded the Youth Technological Prize by China Society of Agricultural Sciences.

Rhizospheric microecology, plant physiology and ecology, and environmental biology
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