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graduate student
Head of Tianshan Station for Snow and Avalanche Research
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Research fellow
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No.818, Beijing South road, umquqi, Xinjiang,

Li Lanhai, male, born in January of 1964, a native of Jiangxi, Han nationality, a selected candidate of 100 Talents of the CAS. Main interests of research: drainage hydrology and ecosystem. For many years he has been engaged in the researches on drainage hydrology, response to global change, ecosystem function and resources management. He established a dynamics model for drainage hydrology independently. For the first time he proposed active temperature content be used in revealing the freezing and thawing processes of soil with temperature in winter and thus gave an eco-hydrological explanation of the drainage hydrology with melting snow as the chief water source and flood formation law, which was proved by Elshorbagy et al. With respect to the response to global climate change, he developed regional hydrology-climate assessment model (DYHAM) with Professor Simonovic. The model couples the modules of climatic change scenario, drainage hydrology and water resources management and finds its application successfully in the response evaluation of drainage hydrology, water resources and urban flood control system. With respect to ecosystem, he proposed for the first time that direct physiological energy and production auxiliary energy be used as indicators to assess the ecology and productivity of artificial interference ecosystem. For the first time he expounded the food nutrient restriction and demand law of secondary biological production in the aquatic ecosystem using the bio-energy dynamics principle. He has been a member of a review committee of theses for annual international system dynamics conference since 2006,examiner of 《Hydrological Processes》,external member of the review committee for the projects of Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, member of World System Dynamics Society, member of Fishery and Scientist Research Society of Canada, Volunteer's tutor of Canadian Executive Service Organization, person in charge of the system dynamics organization projects and service facilities in the capital of Canada and member of Program Committee for 2007 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific Region.

Basin hydrology and ecosystem
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